Major Events

(April 2024) Eid Prayer

Alhamdullah! Allah SAW has enabled us to fast the month of Ramadan! In Bath Pavillion, we celebrated Eid al-Fitr and we were joined by hundreds of Muslims from Bath and Somerset. The Imam delivered a khutbah on the way forward after Ramadan! Attached is a little clip of Bath Muslims chanting the takbirat of Eid al-Fitr!

(2024) Our Imam meets the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

The Imam of Bath Mosque, Dr Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour, was invited for a meeting with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Dr Ahmad El-Tayyeb. In this meeting, Imam Mohammed gifted the Grand Imam a copy of his latest book, The Higher Objectives of Islamic Theology, and discussed his work for Bath Islamic Society alongside his academic activities in the U.K.

(March 2024) Quran competition

This month we were joined by an external examiner from Al-Azhar University, alongside our Imam, to assess the levels of the candidates of Bath Mosque Quran competition! Alhamdulillah! With the acting chair, Mr Hisham Hammoudah, we celebrated the winners on the 26th of Ramadan! The winners were:
– Whole Quran: Hafiz Hammad
⁠- 15 juz’s: Aiham Qais Al-Aswadi
⁠⁠- 10 juz’s: Noor Jabban
⁠⁠- 5 juz’s: Munieb Elhag
⁠⁠- 3 juz’s: Lubna Ali
⁠⁠- 1 juz’: Adem Ibrahim, Sarah Ibrahim, Azaan Hammad, and Hamna Hammad
⁠⁠- Recitation of one part: Laila Ali

(March 2024) Sisters’ Wudu area is renovated!

A few days before Ramadan 2024, in March, with Allah’s help we got the sisters’ Wudu area renovated alhamdulillah! 👏👏 We, Bath Mosque Committee, express our gratitude to each and every sister for the patience and support they showed throughout this journey.

(February 2024) Brothers’ Wudu project is complete!

In February 2024, and right before Ramadan, we got the brothers’ Wudu area renovated alhamdulillah, which was one of the major projects that got accomplished this year, as it costed the Mosque a lot! 👏👏
We, Bath Mosque Committee, express our gratitude to each and every brother for the patience and support they showed throughout this journey.

(2022) New carpets

The committee in office managed to re-carpet the Mosque in blue, replacing the older ones which were red in colour. Very well-done!

(2021) Library refurbished!

A kind soul from Bath Muslim community donated the costs for the refurbishment of Bath mosque’s library, which included removing the old shelves and installing new sturdy ones. We ask Allah to reward him/her greatly for the donation and reward those who looked after the refurbishment process. Ameen.

(December 2019) Interfaith Event

A group of Jews, Christians and Muslims studying how the Quran and the Bible address various topics, most notably the role of man on earth and the nature of good and evil.

(2019) Chairwoman of BANES Council celebrating 40th anniversary of Bath Mosque

This year marks a significant milestone for the members of the Muslim community living in B&NES, with the 40th anniversary of the mosque on Pierrepoint Street in Bath. The Chairwoman of BANES Council visited Bath Mosque to celebrate this special moment. To the left, Mr Anwar Suleiman, Imam Mohammed, Cllr Karen Walker, Mr Zaid Naser, Dr Yazan al-Osaily. The visit was covered by the media here:

(March 2019) Bath Mosque Open Day and the New Zealand Attack

In March 2019, Bath Mosque launched a new initiative to help combat extremism in response to the recent terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand. To this end, Bath Mosque opened itself to the public to explore the Muslim community from within. The event was well-covered by the media. A link is here:

(May 2018) Our Imam meets the Prince of Wales Charles

Sheikh Dr Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour had a meeting with HRH Prince of Wales to discuss Islam in Britian and its relation to other faith traditions. The Imam has always been a strong contributor to interfaith dialogue, and we, as Bath Islamic Centre, are proud of this.

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