Imam Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour

Imam Mohammed has memorized the Qur’an at the age of 11. Joined the Azhariate education since early childhood, graduating with a degree in Islamic Studies from the prestigious Al-Azhar University of Cairo. Having been top of his class at Al-Azhar University, Imam Mohammed became a tenured faculty member at Al-Azhar University since 2013. He teaches: Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Religion. In 2014, Imam Mohammed completed his MA degree in Theology at the University of Durham, U.K. Recently, he is doing research and teaching at SOAS, University of London in Comparative Theology, under the renowned professor Muhammad Abdelhaleem. His PhD project primarily traces the historical development of the Muslim Theology of Religions.

Imam Mohammed has been trained in classical Islamic studies at the hands of renowned contemporary Muslim scholars at Al-Azhar, such as; Sh. Hassan al-Shafi’i, Muhammad Abdel Fadeel al-Qusi and Mahmud Hamdi Zaqzuq. Besides being Qari’i and Mujaz in the Qur’an, Imam Mohammed holds Ijazas (independent certifications) in different branches of Islamic studies, for instance; Hadith, Fiqh and Theology. He moved to Bath Islamic society on November 2017.

How to connect with Imam Mohammed?

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