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Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour

Mohammed Gamal moved from London to Bath in 2017 to become the Imam of Bath Mosque. He memorized the Qur’an at the age of 11 and was trained in classical Islamic studies at the hands of some renowned scholars at Al-Azhar University. Besides being a Qari’i and a Mujaz in the Qur’an, he holds Ijazas (independent certifications) in different branches of Islamic studies including Hadith, Fiqh and Theology. He graduated as valedictorian of his class with a bachelor’s in Religious Studies in 2011 (Al-Azhar University) and completed his MA in Theology at the University of Durham, U.K (2014). Gamal also holds a PhD from SOAS University of London in Comparative Theology. His PhD was supervised by the renowned translator of the Qur’an, Prof. Muhammad Abdel Haleem, and examined at Cambridge University by Prof. Rowan Williams (2019). Besides the services that he does for Bath mosque, Gamal teaches and does research in Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion at SOAS, the University of London. To follow his publications, see:

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