Our motivation: Driven by the belief that we hold a responsibility towards our children, this school was founded to bring together the children of Bath Muslim community to learn the Arabic language, with a view to deepening their knowledge of Islam.

Our vision: To provide the utmost standard of Islamic Education, fostering the principles of Islam and shaping a character atoned with that of a Muslim; all in an entraining climate.
Our mission: We focus on the Arabic language to provide the key to Islamic knowledge for the kids. In doing so, we endorse the authentic understanding of Islam and its core ethical values.
Teaching staff: Mrs Khansa Alhindawi (headteacher), Mrs Hiba Abdulaziz (teacher), Ms Noor Jabban (teacher), and Mrs Mai Bakr (teacher).
General supervision: Dr Rasheed Abdulhady (trustee) and Dr Mohammed Gamal Abdelnour (Imam of Bath Mosque).

Contact us? If you want to get your kid registered in our school, please contact us on: Bmarabicschool@gmail.com