The two main objectives of the mosque are to ‘Reach-in’ and ‘Reach-out’. E-Soul programme is one of the realizations of the ‘Reaching-in’ mission of the masjid. The programme is designed to prepare strong and intelligent kids who are able to take the community forward.

The Name

The word E-Soul is explained in two parts. The first part which is the letter ‘E’, abbreviates the word ‘Educate’ and the word ‘Empower’, which reflects the journey of the person who joins the programme. E-Soul focuses on educating the kids in order to empower them to lead the community. Both words are two of the main three keywords of the programme, Educate-Integrate-Empower. The second word ‘Soul’ implies the programmes focus on building the kid’s character while enriching their soul towards anything they are doing (Religious or not), to increase their passion towards things. The word ‘Esoul’ on a whole is also inspired by the Arabic word اصول, which means origins or essentials. This relates to the main objective of the programme of building ‘Esoul’ in our kids and creating future leaders.

The Structure

The programme is structured over 4 sessions. The first session is the Quran session, then activities session, sports, and upbringing session.


Kids aged 7-11.


4 hours a week – every Sunday.